this music video is very good for analysis of family relationships and their impact on the society and development.
as we can see, it all happens in a low-income single-parent family. the father left when Marshall was a couple of months old, and his mother obviously didn't have any job. domestic violence happened in this family a lot, which explains why Marshall hates his mother so much. possible reasons for this domestic violence:
- the child was unwanted
- no money for bringing him up
- the mother was taking drugs (we can see the scene where she takes some pills)
as a result of all this, the boy had to steal money (possibly to eat something normal or just because his mother's behaviour had had a negative effect on him) and was likely to perform badly at school. as we can see, he has no educational toys or books and no motivation. he was scared of his mother, however, he couldn't do anything with it.

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