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Sociology homework.
The problems in researching schools and teachers and the opportunities that the internet offers for sociologists carrying out such research

As we all know, the internet offers us almost unlimited amount of information - new information is uploaded every minute or even every second. If you have an internet connection, you have an access to all of that info. Yes, this is great and helps us to learn and develop faster. It helps us to do a range of different researches, including researches on schools and teachers, but there are problems when doing a research based on the internet data.
First of all, you don't know WHO exactly uploaded that information. If you don't know the person, how can you know that the information is correct? Anybody can easily hide his or her identity under a nickname or even may try to fool you..
Secondly, some schools\teachers might write anonymously about themselves in order to look better than they actually are. Also some angry\stupid students might write some bad things about a teacher\school. So - inaccuracy is a very big problem.
While doing a research, you have to visit lots of sites, most of them you will visit for the first time. Therefore, you know nothing about the site's content. Maybe it's a porno site with the address like blablablateacherresearch.tr or it might even download a virus on your computer. When carrying out an online research, make sure that your computer's security level is good enough.
However, there are some reliable sources which are well known among the sociologists (I'm not a sociologist so I can't give a site as an example. smth like a sociological wikipedia maybe). Many universities\local governments\educational structures\official sites supply enough information to carry out a very interesting sociological research. Using the internet, people are now able to compare different educational systems in different countries just by clicking different links. It opens new doors for researches in education and its future. However, the problems that I have mentioned already should be awared of and solved.


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