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As a part of my dynamic econs\bs\sociology revision, I will be reviewing a couple of blog bosts.

So, Business Ethics and CSR from tutor2u Business Studies blog..
As we all know, ethics is an important part of any business. Entrepreneurs must respect their customers, competitors, suppliers, cultures etc. They also shoul be responsible for their goods and services and make sure that they apply to all rules and do not cross any limitations (legal, ethical, cultural). CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and thus is discussed with Business Ethics. Further explanation of arguments about CSR can be found here.
These things are mentioned a lot when people are talking about externalities or demerit goods or any type of discrimination in business. A good example of a discussion connected with business ethics and csr is a topic of fair trade - when people argue about whether should be suppliers from poor countries\areas be supported and paid a reasonable share of profits. No doubt that exploitation in farms and factories in Asia or Africa or even Russia DOES exist as people are not paid enough for the work they do.
At tutor2u BS blog they usually try to refer to some articles in leading UK newspapers and info sources in order to explain this topic.

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