tutor2u econs blog, topic AS Macro.

OMG. more than 3 pages of blogs on that topic. I have read through a half of them (my head starts to ache a little bit and eyes are closing cuz I haven't drunk any red bull today, but I have to do some work more), so I will comment on 3 the most interesting (in my opinion) posts. Most of them are presentations and graph sets anyway.. I looked at a couple of presentations, btw, liked the supply-side one, but it's too big, I have to leave time for the first-timer blog..

1. This helped me to understand exchange rate topic a little bit better and, therefore, know how to give exmaples in the real life
2. The Black Wednesday videos, 16/09/92. hey, the current crisis' 'official' start is the middle of September.. hmm, only co-accident?
3. 'EMPTY VESSELS'. Sorry, I just couldn't ignore those words lol.. empty vessels make the most noise, right?

at laaaaaaaaast! uh, I will do first-timer approximately at 8am cuz now I even can't type normally..next time I will buy Red Bull before studying at night.


chris sivewright said...

still behind...


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