Why feral youth occurs

This problem is becoming more and more serious each day - children are now more likely to commit a crime. Or even harm themselves because of being stupid. Why is that?

Well, there are many factors influencing teenagers' minds.

Violence on TV is one of the most obvious factors. Nowadays everything is connected with mass media, we live in the Information Age and mostly the generation Y is brought up by TV and the internet. No doubt all those blockbusters, encouraging violence and current world affairs like wars and conflicts are having a negative effect on minds. 

Some present subcultures also encourage young people to be more violent and break the law. As the process of socialising is important for every person, young teenagers may want to impress their friends and do something 'cool'. This is because they have a need of being 'socially accepted', which, in teenagehood, is determined by friends and people of the same age as a teenager.

Family problems might affect teenage behaviour as well. According to this website, the number of children and teenagers suffering from domestic violence is growing each year. This has a direct impact on feral youth, as it's know that the enviroment affects behaviour.

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