Outlining the importance of perception in Business Studies

First of all, what is perception? In psychology and the cognitive sciences, perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information. In other words, our perception of an object is how we understand it, feel it and what we think about it. We percieve everything in this world, and our perception determines our actions and feelings. But, as we all know, our perception may trick us sometimes - not all that we see and feel is true.

Why is it important to pay attention to perception in Business Studies? Well, obviously, to sell a product. The perception of a product by a consumer determines the sales. Nowadays many producers try to create correct and profitable perception of a product by branding.

According to the Model of Brand, to have a famous name of a product doesn't mean that you have a brand. A brand means correct understanding and perception of a name, because brand includes not only symbols but also associations and expiriences. There is no such thing as a loyality to a name, but there is a loyality to brand. Perception plays the key role in the distinguishing a name and a brand. However, how the perception of a name appears? According to the model, the perception of a product appears due to experience of using the product. This should also be taken in account.
Secondly, perception is a part of measuring a brand - both Saussure and Peirce used it as a part of their brand-measuring models. Brand perception is a level of expectancy of customers to a brand achieved or, in other words, an image of the brand created.

Perception could be tricked - and it is used a lot in advertising and marketing. Subliminal messages in TV advertisements, hidden pictures and images, fashion - all these influence our perception. To create proper perception of a product I would do a market research and use well-planned marketing mix, which will increase the chances of the creation of the right (needed) perception of a product.

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