How the government deals with feral youth

i found my original way to do this sociology homework.
Why should I write such obvious things as legislation, education etc in general? Everybody will do like this!
I think it's better to discuss some particular cases of dealing with feral youth. Ok, lets start.

Free films for teenagers
oh, how great it is!
One town is offering free cinema tickets for teenagers on Friday evening. It's a very good idea as Friday evenings are the time when teenagers are more likely to have nothing to do. So, to keep them away from thinking about stealing something or getting drunk or fighting with someone, you offer them a FREE cinema evening. 'FREE' is always a magic word, you know. First of all, almost all teenagers enjoy watching films. Secondly, many films also may educate and teach teenagers something new. Thirdly, it's better to pay for a free film for a teenager than to pay for a rebuilding a house which was set on fire by a bored teenager.
And this actually works!

Increasing government spending on regulating anti-social behaviour
This is a good idea as well. 200 000 pounds extra will improve situation only if spent rationally.
Street workers, who are mentioned in the article, may be very useful in preventing youth crime. However, they must be well-trained and well-payed to make sure that the work is done properly. It will bring results and, possibly, save someone's property.
Money may also be spent on educational programms or, like in the previous article, on providing extra activities for teenagers.

Finding new activities for teenagers
Hobbies are always interesing and develop personal characteristics and skills. If teenagers have a hobby, they are less likely to commit a crime. A participation in any helpful activity will make a teenager more mature and responsible and will keep him or her away from drugs and anti-social activities.
Having a hobby, in this case it's fishing, will make a teenager feel more social accepted.

Finding a job for teenagers
A hobby is good but a job is even better - it brings even more skills and, which is also important, money!
Working for Olympics 2012 is a reason to be very proud. Crime and alcohol cannot be compared with participating in such an event!
However, it will be only in 2012..

All of these are the most interesting and helpful ways of dealing with feral youth.
Legislation (as well as any other ways of restriction) is nothing compared with giving teenagers opportunity to do something new.

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