Emotion work

Emotion work has been defined as the management of one's own feelings or as "work done in a conscious effort to maintain the well being of a relationship" (c) Wikipedia

oh ok.. what does this mean? Frankly speaking, I have only some thought about what it might be, but I hope to understand this while writing this blog about it.

Emotions are the base of any relationships - beginning from a work sphere and ending with family life. Our emotions (even if we don't show them) help us to participate in the society and communicate with people. Our emotions are determinants of our actions and functionalising as a part of society.

Strong emotions mean a strong connection. A family should be based on srtrong emotions such as love, trust and happiness. These emotions help a family to develop as a social institute, they determine all the actions happening within a family. Every relationship is defined by an emotion.

A family structure can be analysed basing on emotions. An emotion work in a family, to my opinion, is the process of an exchange of emotions within a family as a social institute and helps to research its structure in depth. An emotion work can be applied to a family to see how strong the relationships between the members of the family are and how this family acts as a part of the modern society.
Or, alternatively, emotion works of different generations in different times could be compared to see the progress (or regress?) of a family as a part of society.

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