Business Studies vocabulary

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Market segmentation - analysing the market the identify different types of consumers.

Brand positioning - the distinctive position that a brand adopts in its competitive environment to ensure that individuals in its target market can tell the brand apart from others.

Advertising elasticity - measures the extend to which change in AD spending affects demand (%change in demand /% change in AD spending)

Cash flow - the difference between incashflow and outcashflow.

Loss leader - product sold at less than cost to attract consumer to a product range.

Adverse variance - a change from a budgeted figure that leads to lower than expected profit.

Net profit margin - net profit, which is a percetage of the sales revenue.

Organisation structure - the relationship between different people and functions within an organisation.

Off-the-job training - training provided by not the place of work

On-the-job training - provided by a company you work in to actually gain required skills for doing a job

Person specification - a set of characteristics by which a person is picked for a particular job

Induction - an introductory training programme designed to familiarise new recruits with their place of work and co-workers

Empowering employees - giving employees some responsibility and power (not over a company acually)

Job enrichment - where the job is expanded vertically by giving the worker more responsibility

Job enlargement - expanding the number of tasks completed by an employee

Capacity utilisation - the percetage of a firm`s total possible production level that is being reached

Rationalisation - reorganising resources in order to cut costs

Quality control - based on inspection of the product or a sample of products

Quality assurance - a system of agreeing and meeting quality standards at each stage of production to ensure consumer satisfaction

Productivity - output per person per a period of time

Product portfolio analysis - analysing the existing product mix to help develop a balanced range of goods and services

Price taker - a firm which sets its prices at the same or similar level to those of the dominant firm in the industry

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chris sivewright said...

"Empowering employees - giving employees some responsibility and power (not over a company acually)"

Ignoring a spelling mistake, this implies that employees in a partnerhsip have a different type of empowerment.