25 ways to use a brick! (other 25 ways will be tomorrow)

1. Build a house

2. Kill a person

3. Lock the door

4. Break it into small pieces and make a bracelet

5. Test acid on it

6. Break nuts

7. Break it into small pieces and then throw it into birds or squirells

8. Paint it, put it into a box and give somebody as a present

9. Draw a face on it and play with it like with a doll

10. Drop it on someone's foot

11. Talk to a brick as if it's your best friend

12. Take two bricks, but a desk on them and use the construction as a small table

13. Throw it into windows

14. Put it on some papers, so the wind won't blow them away

15. Train you karate on it

16. Use it to sharpen knifes

17. Put it into liquid gold, then wait when it becomes solid and sell it

18. Put it secretly in someone's bag and see how the person is trying to carry that bag

19. Tell everybody that it's a magic brick and sell it

20. When your roommate is using a nailpolish and you can't stand the smell, just show her a brick and she will be so scared that she will never ever do something that you don't like

21. Tell everybody that a brick is your boyfriend or girlfriend and nobody will never be bothering you with asking out on a date

22. In  rush-hour enter a bus with a brick in your hand. I guarantee that no-one would dare to stump on your foot or accidentally kick you. (maybe you won't even need to pay for a bus ride)

23. Give a brick to someone

24. When your roommate is snoring so loudly just drop a brick near her bed and pretend that you are sleeping. She will never ever dare to snore again

25. Use a brick as a model and draw it in details (good drawing practise)

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