some thoughts

Why is studying economics is so important for many people and for me as well?

That's very difficult question. 

Economics is the key social study nowadays, everything and everybody depends on the economics and I feel that this is the most interesting subject for me right now. With very high level of knowledge in economics I will be able to understand many complicated financial things and be able to improve some aspects of economics life (of course, if I work somewhere in government).  It's also important because the today's world situations, that could be solved only by economists, are the central problems. I'm not talking about solving ALL the problems right here and right now, but still, some improvements and positive changes in economic situations will have a huge influence on the living standards of billions of people all over the world. Economics growth of some countries will help other countries to become better too.

Some people may ask something like "hey, wait, why are you talking about this kind of problems? what about education, medicine, science?..".

Well, everything in this world is close connected with the economics. If the economic situation of particular country is very good and well developed, the educational system, as well as medicine and science, will be much better compairing to some other countries with not so good economics situation. People will be smarter and healther, their life will become as nice as the famous "american dream". 

I'm not going to tell about other aspects of our life like relationships. No, they are not connected with economics at all, because, as my mum always says, "where there are money, there are no soul". Economics can improve people's material life, anything else depends on ourselves. 


chris sivewright said...

I hope you are going to Economics classes on Wednesday - your thoughts here suggest this would be excellent

Mary said...

I will go there!

chris sivewright said...

Good - I hope you have seen all the economics homework in my blog...and that you are doing a blog tonight

Mary said...

i didn't have internet connection!