you will never guess what!..

Today I woke up at 5 a.m to catch a bus from Kennington at 05:46 (the next one would be only at 06:38), then, in the city centre, approximately at 06:15 I got on a bus to Headington. At 06:30 I'm in the residence already just to write one very important post (which, of course, will not improve my grade, but anyway..)

What is this very important post about? That't the most interesting thing! It's about economics courses, on which I started going yesterday. Yes, I was there, unbelieveable.

The lecture (or maybe it's better to call this a discussion) was interesting, but still there were lots of disadvantages. Such as:

1. The main idea of the course is to view economics from very complicated point. What I mean by this? At the lecture we had a diagram which showed us a triangle. In the centre of this triangle there was a human world. Two angles, Humanity and Universe, were connected with Natural Laws. The third angle, which was called Conditions at the point of Interaction, was like a result of Labour (which is produced by the Humanity) and Land (which is produced by the Universe). When I was thinking about it at the lecture, I thought "Hey, why do economists need all that?". Well, you can say that economists should take all these in account. Yes, I agree. But they don't need to know the details. They must have only general picture of the Universe and Natural Laws, but everybody already knows them - it's called experience. Of course, if it's flooding, I would understand that there will be no rice this year etc. So I think it's not so necessary, but we've lost 2 lectures already on that. (my money, my time!! :((( )

2. Division by primary and secondary factors of production. Yes, I agree that structured factors are much better. But still, who is here to judge which factors should be primary and which factors should be secondary! As for me, I think, that capital should be primary factor of production and land is secondary. Why? Well, as I see it, nowadays we produce MUCH MORE by capital. Yes, we use Land as well, but we use Land not only for production.. At the lecture there was an example of building sandcastles. Nobody will benefit from that, it's not a production, it's a game! It's just for fun not for making money! But Land is used.

There also were very useful things. Such as:

1. We started discussing 7 levels of social structure (which is a part of Capital). By the way, it will be useful for everybody:

7 levels of Social Structure:

- Family

- Community

- Society

- Nation

- Culture

- Civilisation

- Humanity

2. Now I know more on the Capital and Capitalism topic. 

3. The people there are really nice and like sharing their thoughts and ideas.

I understood nearly 90% of what was said there yesterday. I also will go to the philosophy class on Monday.

That seems to be all.


chris sivewright said...

I am glad you are getting something out of the evening economic classes.

You mention grades. As you area 'follower' of my blog you will already have read the list of ways to improve your grade.

Mary said...

yes, I've read those. most of them are only for business students, and the others are done by me!