Why are prices in a hotel mini-bar so expensive?

There are lots of hotels all around the world. They can be really cheap and only with a few things like a shower and a bed included; or they can be really large and luxurious with lots of different stuff like a special bed for your dog or a satellite TV to catch programs from another planet. It's your choice in which hotel to spend your holiday or a business trip.

The thing is, that if we stay in a hotel we would probably use some of its features like mini-bar, wi-fi access or a phone to call someone. And we won't even think of the price of all that. Why? Because the mini-bar prices in the hotels will be the last thing we will think about on holiday, won't they?

Yes, that's right, and the administrations of the hotels know that very well. That's why they make everything in the hotel rooms much more expensive than it is in real life. This is a sort of a charge that exists but we don't see it. Or we just don't think about it. It is just another way for hotels to earn some money on too relaxed customers.

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Mary said...

thanks for the link, it was really interesting and helpful.
yes, I saw the announcement, i read to your blog every day but I don't know how to link to your blog. but I'll find out.