Why are brown eggs more expensive than white ones, even though the two types taste the same and have identical nutritional value?

To answer this question I had to call my mum in Russia - in her childhood she used to live in a countryside and she helped her parents with chickens.

Hen, which produces brown eggs, eats much more food. More food means more money to spend on it.

That's why brown eggs are more expensive.

that's all.


chris sivewright said...

Could it be that the perception is that brown eggs are better and therefore demand for brown eggs is inelastic and therefore...?

Mary said...

but brown eggs are similar to white ones! they are substitutes.

chris sivewright said...

Yes but if people THINK they are different then they may py more! Is EF different to other schools?

Mary said...

but it's people's problem that they don't know that eggs are similar.
EF is different to other schools, yes.