Why is there a light in your refrigerator but not your freezer?

I have no idea. Maybe you just don't need a light in a freezer?

Ok, let's start from the beginning. Why do we need a light in a refrigerator? I don't need that, because I always can turn on the light in my kitchen. But some people are too lazy or stupid or just don't want to wake up anybody, that's why they use light in their refrigerators. Ok. Usually need light when it's dark outside - at night. Why do people go to the kitchen at night? To have a snack: some apples or a yougurt (did I spell it right? I'm not so sure).  Who keeps yougurts and apples in a freezer? Nobody. Who would have any snack from a freezer? Nobody!

And there are also these points of view, which I've found:

1. Because the temperature in a freezer is much lower than of a refrigerator, a much more expensive shatterproof bulb would have to be used. In fact, if you put a common household bulb in the fridge, it will be fine. But put it in the freezer, and it should crack after a few hours (or days, depending on the temperature you freezer operates at).

2. Because there is less demand for illuminated freezers and yet midnight snacking almost exclusively demands a refrigerator lamp, lamps are often only fitted on the higher end models.

3. Standing freezers often use closed-off pull out drawers. In order to effectively illuminate the entire fridge, a lamp would be required behind each shelf. Each of these would need to be shatterproof…

That's the points. 

And people.. don't eat anything from a freezer as a night snack!!! Ew! Take an apple!!  


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