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Why did Japanese kamikaze pilots wear helmets?

Oh, that's so easy! In their helmets there were special headphones, which connected them with other pilots, so they could know where they should fly. it was not a security helmet.

I have done my topic for today. yaaaaay for me, let's drink red bull :)

by the way, this is my DeviantArt account, but I update it not so often (because I'm busy with economics homework):



chris sivewright said...

Why is this in Russian? is this person studying in Russia? Or is she studying in Oxford?

If this is not changed by Monday then this person will be given more work to do to remind her to speak, write and think in English!


Mary said...

oh, sorry.
better now?)

chris sivewright said...



chris sivewright said...

I have added you to my blog: http://efbusinesseconomics.blogspot.com/