Sociology homework. Topic 2.

Explain the Feminist view of housework

If we are talking about socialist and marxist feminisms, they say that housework devalues women as a part of society and enables them to fully realise themselves as sufficient individuals.  Women are doomed to do housework, look after children and be dependent on men because of a patriarchal system of views existing in the society, which doesn't let them work and make a career. Social inequality between men and women is clearly seen and undeniable because even nowadays the so called 'traditional family' consists of a male-breadwinner and a dependent wife. However, the situation has improved a lot since 20s when women didn't even have rights to vote and take part in a variety of social activities. 

We cannot blame any particular system/religion for promoting inequalities between men and women, because this promotion existed even in ancient times. Women were doing housework and were exploited a lot by men, so this has continued through the centuries, having some changes but still carrying the main idea: men are working, women are doing dumb housework.

In some societies inequalities in rights for men and women still exist, but these inequalies are mostly based on religious reasons. The idea 'women were created to do housework and look after children' is just a stereotype which is very difficult to destroy. Feminists are still trying to do it, though.

ps, I hate housework. If I ever going to get married (I doubt a lot, hehe), my husband will have to hire someone to do the housework.


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