Outstanding homework BS, Economics and Sociology - parts 8, 9 and 10 out of 28

Homework (Business Studies). Parts 8, 9 and 10 out of 13.

Part 8:

I have looked through the one of the Business and Management introduction topics and read about business culture here.

12 factors that affect business culture:

- the influence of a dominant leader – the vision, management style and personality of the founder or leader in a business often has a significant influence on the values that the business tries to promote; 
- the history and tradition of the business – how things have always been done (and why); 
the type of technology used by the business and the types of goods and/or services it produces; 
- which industry or sector the business is in, and how much and what type of competition it faces; 
- the customers of the business – who they are and what they expect; 
- company expectations – based to a large extent on past performance; 
- the types of information and control systems used; 
- the legislation and wider business environment; 
- the procedures and policies within the business – ever-evolving, but often a good indicator of underlying values;
- the reward systems and the measurement of performance; 
- how the business is organised and resourced; 
- goals, values and beliefs – reflected in objects, actions and language, that is, in Trice and Beyer's symbols.

Part 9:

check this out

and this

and this

Part 10:

Question 29 from (RRRBRB) Robin Rinat Red Bull Revision Blog:

What is the percentage difference between the £12,000 a week asked for and the average Championship wage?

they usually get 3.000-4.000, which are 25-33.3% of 12.000. therefore, the difference is 67.7-75%

What is the annual salary of someone on £12,000 a week?

52 weeks. 52x12.000 = 624.000

Calculate the hourly wage of someone on £3000 a week assuming a 24-hour day.


3000/168 = 17.85 per hour

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