Outstanding homework BS, Economics and Sociology - part 2 out of 27

Homework (Business Studies). Part 2 out of 12.

Generation Y and their motivation. 

Times are changing, so do people and their views on this world. Uh, and the world never stays the same! Your mental priorities and stereotypes depend on the enviroment that brought you up. People who were born between 1977 and 1994 are now ready to help Generation X and are slowly becoming the main body of the process of the world's development. They are 20% of the world's population and they were born in the times of global changes, new technolgies and new philosophies. They will never be the same as their parents and it's natural - as their parents never were simlar to previous generation.

This generation Y, or the Millenials, are now looking for a job and seeking ways to express themselves in the society. They value their time, their technology and will never deal with something that does not match with their opinion. As Generation X is still having the main top jobs, they need to motivate and help the Generation Y.

This article presents the analisys of the Generation Y. Their main characteristics are enthusiasm, creativity, intelligence, ambitious and hign motivation. It's very important for them to be accepted by the socium and elder people, and, as they believe that they are very gifted and talented, they should be higly valued to be motivated.

The main rules of managing the Gen Y are:

- let them feel being involved in the main process (in other words, level 4 of Maslow's hierarchy of needs)

- motivation should be simple

- give more responsibility (as it shows that you trust and value them)

- reward them (by more responsibility given, I suppose)

- create comfortable enviroment (Hertzberg's motivators/demotivators)

Small notes that I did listening to the podcast about the Gen Y:

They had very interesting teenagehood. That's very important because most of the concepts are set up at this age stage. They grew up getting different kinds of unexpected and absolutely rendom information, and heard a lot about terrorism and things like that - that's why they have this phrase in mind - "live today". They are impatient and everything that they do should be meaningful and enjoyable.

The one of the differences between gen Y and gen X is their relationships with relatives. Gen X are more independent and gen Y tend to listen to what their parents say (but parents of gen Y don't know that hehehe))) That's why when a gen Y is applaing for a job it is also important to impress her or his parents. The company should provide career opportunities for that gen Y representative, to show the parents that their child will have an opprtunity of growing and developing as a working and independent individium. As for the gen Y themselves, they like to be challenged, their favourite job is the one that they have no idea how to do. They like to figure things out. DO NOT overstructure their work - it will make it boring. Just give them the goal and a few tools, you will be surprised. There should be a feedback, it's very important for gen Y - they like to be taught something new, how to do even better than they do now? However, they are VERY ambitious - they need and money, and prestige, and promotion! 

Their advantages - advanced and developed view on all. It's because of their time spent near the technologies like cell phones and computers, they made gen Y to think and act differently.

Their main disandvantage - they can be totally unmanagable!

And as for me, I can't stop thinking that when McGregor was creating his X-Y theory, he based on these two generations. As gen Y needs responsibily as well as an Y-worker in McGregor's administration theory.


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