Outstanding homework BS, Economics and Sociology - part 3 out of 27..uh, now 28!

Homework (Business Studies). Part 3 out of 12.


S - PPP - LL (types of pricing) - SPPP(E)LL

Skimming - penetration - predatory - psychological - loss leader



chris sivewright said...

Just the one? Surely a GIFTED person can give at least 20?

Mary said...

of course I can.
but I have a lot more to do..

chris sivewright said...

yeah...about 25 homeworks!

Mary said...

may I go to sleep please?)
homework will be here anyway it won't disappear..

chris sivewright said...

so the promise of doing all by registration...gone.

watch and learn)

Homework (Business Studies). Part 1 out of 12.

I did.

I have.

You will.

Mary said...

but that promise was obviously a joke! uh!

chris sivewright said...

the original promise was on Saturday