Outstanding homework BS, Economics and Sociology - part 1 out of 27

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Homework (Business Studies). Part 1 out of 12.

Is Internet Explorer a monopoly?

Monopoly is when a company owns more than 25% of the market. Yes, Internet Explorer is a browser monopoly, as in this article it is said that IE dominated 80% of the market.

How do Firefox compete?

Firefox is a creation of Mozilla company, which has a very strong companion and investor - Google inc. Google supported Firefox as a browser, and up to 85% of Mozilla's revenue was due to its partnership with Google. However now, when Google introduced its own browser, Chrome, Mozilla and Google inc still have a new agreement and  Google will do further investments in Mozilla.

Hey yeah, Google Chrome is a good competitor which will easily overcome the barriers to entry in the browser market, however, I doubt in its ability to beat IE's monopoly.

PS, Opera is the best!!!

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watch and learn)


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