Outstanding homework BS, Economics and Sociology - parts 14-24 out of 28

Homework (Sociology). Parts 1-11 out of 11.

What I've done:

- read the following articles:

  • Pets as Kin 

This was an extract from some study about human-pets relationships, or, in other words, a kinship of pets. The results of the carried research has shown that people tend to call pets a part of their families. Pets are also substitutes of children for some people. This research studied socially constructed boundary between nature and culture.

  • Goths as a subculture

uh, I thought that this one would be unteresting.. I was wrong. So, according to the research of people referring to any subculture, their being involved in a subculture affects their individuality, tastes and style. The goth example is music tastes, as goths prefer to listen to some 'dark' depressive music. 

However, goth tend to exaggerate different things such as the importance and extent of their stylistic difference from the others and the matters of social pressures on an individuality. 

Some features of the subculture:

1) it has a range of acceptable artefacts

2) an adaption from beyond the established stylistic boundaries

3) the importance of time and place

  • To Buy or Not to Buy

This is a study of children from high income families and low income families. The main idea of the extract: social changes contribute to new forms of consumption and new experience in childhood

- read through GCSE and GCE Sociology notes. helpful.

- looked at the site internet sociologist, which explains how to use the internet effectively to get an access to more sociology data and how to apply your internet surfing skills to simplify the process of looking for some sociological data.

I liked the tour, as I found some helpful sites ('Electronic Journal of Sociology' and 'Economic and Social Data Service' are quite nice)

- looked through some sites on Economics + Sociology, really liked globalisationguide.org - a very interesting topic.

- looked at 6 sociology forums. My analisys of their capacity:

1) a medium size forum/has a wide range of different topics, though quite poor in sociology/small audience (<700)/undeveloped>

2) badly structurised/totally undeveloped/ almost impossible to find information/ very small and the average replies number per post is not more than 10

3) society for applied Sociology. hey, is this a forum? I think that's just a set of articles on sociology

4) really interesting one, with a developed section for sociology - people DO reply and discuss, exchange links and latest news, give each other advice

5) link doesn't work

6) I love TSR not only for its Sociology section. But it's very good, yes. It has many people who contribute and owns a great database on every subject (not only sociology!) gathered by the users. very gooooood.

- looked through powerpoints (they are boring, I hate powerpoints)

- now I will be daily reading one sociology blog (the osl one)

- wathed the videos (what is sociology, the experiment)

- prepared the 4 topics for tomorrow's test.


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