Websites evaluation

ok, let's move on with homework.

soooo.. websites evaluation! first of all, I want to point that actually they are not websites, it's just webpages.
as we can see, there are four links: an article on Christmas rants site, an article from "Telegraph", a question from Yahoo!Answers and an article from TDI (they deserve it) website.

1. Christmas rants.
"Your Entertaining and Impassioned Guide to the Christmas Season", says the subtitle of the webpage. Well, my first impression, when I saw the page, was that the site is really boring and not attractive at all - the layout is pretty simple, traditional Christmas colours (red and white) are used, but it looks not professional at all. So there is nothing that could be attractive to potential users of the site. Also, the navigation and the content seem to me completely unsturctured, which is also a great disadvantage. Advertisements are placed awful, they distract from reading and annoy users.
The article is absolutely unhelpful and even useless - except for the idea that teachers do deserve a present on Christmas. Four examples of presents for teachers, two of which are definately unmatchable with words "a good present for a teacher" and are chosen only because of author's taste. I mean - come on, how gold is connected with a good present for a teacher? Basing on the quality of the article, I came to the conclusion that the site would never be a success. But, who knows, some people believe in everything they read and don't care about layouts.. By the way, check the date of the article..

2. Telegraph article
'Telegraph' is known as one of the most popular and most successful newspapers in the UK. Their website no doubt is well designed and introduced to the public and great articles should be expected there. Telegraph's website succeeds almost in everything - as it is a very developed project, every detail is taken in account: layout, navigation, picture connected with the topic, very interesing content of the article.
The article is really touching and interesting, it shows to readers a range of possible ways to make your teacher happy with a Christmas present. The author gives examples of excellent presents but warns about some of not successful experiences. I've learned a lot from this article.
All these things, of course, attract new consumers of 'Telegraph', which means more sales and more profit. So, if you can offer a great quality, you will not fail with your business, watch and learn from this example.

3. Yahoo! Answers
Yahoo! Answers is a very popular service where everybody can ask any question they want and get many different answers, which can be helpful, interesting and informative but there also will be some pointless, absurd and not-so-clever ones. You should be aware of that. But, in general, this is a really helpful resource and a great number of people, who are ready to give you their point of view. And if you see the question in the different angles, you will probably understand it better and find an appropriate answer or solution.
The layout is simple and that's exactly what is needed for a forum like this.
As we can see using this example, the problem has many different solution and Yahoo! Answers service is really helpful when you need an advice or an experienced point of view.

4. TDI Site
Another website, a competitor of the first one, I suppose. 'They Deserve It' is a website which spesialises in giving advice about presents. The main page, by the way, has impressed me with a nice design and with the fact that the site is available in many launguages. But, when I saw the 'Christmas Presents for Teachers' sector, I was surprised - it looked like a totally different website! The layout looks like it was made by a newbie, and the number of advertisements per one page completely hit my brain! Yes, I know that they need something to earn money on, but because of that the site looks like a commercial fake.
However, the article is not so bad if you ignore all the ad links. Of course, it could not be compared with the Telegraph one, but at least it does not offer to buy some golden goods for a teacher. I can't say that the site or article are attractive to users, but I can't say the opposite as well.

In Russia we celebrate Christmas on 7th of January, but for me 25th of December is a great day anyway cuz it's my mum's birthday. Russians celebrate New Year and give New Year presents instead of Christmas ones. And we don't have Santa Claus, we have Grandfather Frost! :D I will ask him for a big box of Red Bulls this year)

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