Dr. Mohamed A. El-Erian

Dr. Mohamed El-Erian, 48-year-old world famous economist and financist.
Got an undergraduate economics degree in the University of Cambridge in 1980, then completed his master's and doctorate degree in economics in the Oxford University in 1985.

Since 1983 he was working in the International Monetary Fund through the "Economist program" for fifteen years, by the end of which he had reached the rank of deputy director and had gained some experience by teaching at the Harvard Business School.
In January 1998 he started working in Saloman Smith Barney\Citigroup in London, where he was managing director.

In 1999 Dr. El-Erian joined PIMCO as managing director. The Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO), founded in 1971, is a famous company, which runs the Total Return Fund, the world's largest bond fund. As of Sempember 30, 2008, in total this company had $790.3 billion assets under management. Now Dr. El-Erian is a co-chief executive officer with William S. Thompson and a co-chief information officer with Bill Gross, also he is a senior member of PIMCO's portfolio Management and Investment Stategy Group.

He left PIMCO for two years though: in September 2005, he became a head of the Harvard Management Company but then re-joined PIMCO, where he is still working now.

Dr. Mohamed El-Erian is a member of the International Center for Research on Women, the Peterson Institute for International Economics, the US Threasury Borrowing Advisory Committee, the International Monetary Fund's Capital Markets Consultative Group and also many other organisations. He chairs Microsoft's Investment Advisory Committee.

Many of his works on finance and economics topics were published and were successful, he also writes monthly market analysis and has publications in the Financial Times, Finance, Reuters and other financial media.

His latest work, 'When Markets Collide: Investment Strategies for the Age of Global Economic Change', came out in May 2008. In this book the author deals with the problem of emerging markets, total changes in the structure of global markets which will have a great impact on the whole economic system. Dr. El-Erian also warns investors to take all those changes in account to achieve success and avois failure. Then Dr. El-Erian analyses emerging markets and predicts that there will be increase in inflationary pressure for the US and that the US's debt is likely to grow. Many of the things he said has happened in real life.. he actually has seen the credit crunch from the beginning - in many interviews, which were before the total collapse of banking system all over the world, he said that it would happen.

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