Talking mugs

"Introduce mugs and cups with special sensors that would give a voice alert like 'This is your third coffee today', 'Your coffee is getting cold', 'I am empty; refill me if you want', and so on." - would these sell well at Christmas?

UUUH, I don't know about the others, but I would love that cup!!! I think it is the best present for coffee maniacs like me.))

But seriously...

well, this is a great business idea on the first site. Talking mugs with sensors, how unusual and how impressive! However, I can't deny that there are some disadvantages in this product:
- sensors and voice alerts in a mug will cost extra money.
- once the sensor is broken, mug loses it's originality (or goes to rubbish bin)
- people may use it not only for coffee. when you drink water and suddenly the mug says to you 'heeey, u drink too much coffee!'.. there should be different types of mugs I think.

But the advantages are:
- the product is unique - there is no such thing in the market
- it will be really popular over the holidays and will bring big profit to the producers
- a new way of using technolgy means further technology development
- you won't have cold coffee ever again!!!

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chris sivewright said...

"when you drink water and suddenly the mug says to you 'heeey, u drink too much coffee!"

it has sensors!

But drinking tea or lemsip (anti colds) would be a problem...