ASOS homework

a. possible reasons for the success of ASOS
as we know, the firm has reported about a huge growth in sales in profits in October. It seems very strange to me because I'm not interested in fashion stuff. But I think that the point is that most of the women are interested in fashionable clothes, so the demand on celebrity 'As Seen on Screen' clothes might increase because of the decrease in income. Because of current economic situation, people cannot afford some brand products such as Gucci or Prada, but for sure they want to look well. ASOS clothes is fashionable and much cheaper than brands. So when income level has fallen, many consumers has switched from expensive clothers to cheaper substitutes.

b. who the main competitors are
well, I think main competitors are still fashion brands and modeliers.

c. strengths/weaknesses of their products
strength: cheap, quality of the products is for sure good and demand is always high.
weaknesses: it is an online business, so there might be imperfect information about the products: wrong sizes, the product might look different on a picture compared to the real look etc;
also it is really difficult to be in touch with latest fashion changes if the business doesn't want to lose customers.

d. what steps can they take to ensure continued success?
I think the business should be run 'offline' as well - it will attract more customers and they will be able to buy more, because, as we all know, we want what we see.
What else? They can also introduce a line of male ASOS products - nowadays many men care about their look not less than women.
They also should think about complements - why don't they also offer some accesorise to the ASOS clothes?

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