Entrance requirements for the universities I'm interested in

London School of Economics (BSc Economics):
AAA, one of which should be Maths.
I also have read the Students Room and surprisingly found out that they admire people with AS in Phychology.

University of Oxford (Economics and Management):
AAA, Maths is strongly recommended

Warwick University (Economics):
AAB + AS level B (or C as a fourth A level) or A level AABB for successful applicants taking 4 A levels inc. Maths and Further Maths. Applicants are encouraged to avoid combinations of subjects with significantly overlapping curricula such as Economics and Business Studies.

University of Southampton (BSc Economics):
A levels: AAB
AS level: mathematics at grade C required, if not offered at A level

University College London (BSc Economics):
AAA including Mathematics

University of St Andrews (Economics):

I also wrote to LSE a letter asking for further information on entrance requirements.


chris sivewright said...

AS in Phychology.


Bibi said...

Hello! can you go here please and read it, it is very important!