4 Mind maps

6 more will be in the morning.. to tired to upload them/////


chris sivewright said...

no registration?

i need to talk to you about something improtant - make sure you come in for afternoon registration

Mary said...

I woke up only at 8.30
it is alarm clock's fault, not mine!

yes, I will be on the afternoon registration.

beaupre said...

Hello I am Jan, and I am trying to change the language and the time setting on my blog, do you know how can I do it? please?

Mary said...

yeah, no problem.
go to your blog, on the top you will see a blue menue bar, click customise.
then you will see 'Settings' link, click on it. choose "Formatting" and on that page change the launguage to English.

chris sivewright said...

Make sure you comment on the posts in this blog:


chris sivewright said...

and good morning Mary


Mary said...

good morning :)