some article to read

hey, this article will be partly included in my externalities chapter of the booklet.
it's a perfect example of negative externality. and it's real - I felt it myself - my ex-host family lives nerarby the railway:
Residents' anger over train fumes

this night me and Aidana ordered a pizza. we believe it will help in our studies and save us from hunger :)


David said...

Good Work! MARy

I will buy u redbull!

Hey I will shave my hair!kyakya

Mary said...

yay, red bull!

if I see bold David I guess I will puke.

chris sivewright said...



It's not appearances but content that is important

Mary said...

I don't think I will be able to take BALD David seriously!

I will be laughing all the time.. I think my laugh will be a negative externality in this case!

chris sivewright said...

But it's good to laugh - so a merit good but a negative externality.

An unusual combination.

Mary said...

but we also can't take laugh as a good, can we? and it's not a service either..