Half term revision course - 28/10/08

Today's topic: Elasticity. Consumer and producer surplus.

I'm really happy with today's lesson - I explained everything I wanted to explain, nobody interrupted the lesson and we've passed all the difficult situations with surpluses when demand or supply are perfectly elastic. We have also learned how to say whether a good is normal or a giffen or just inferior or shob etc.. I feel like my preparation for this was worth it. Thank you guys for coming.

No photos, I have to say. 

Wendy will do some homework ^^. 


Becca. said...

Yeah =) thank you for today! it was really helpful especially for the consumer and producer surplus part.

By the way.. I still couldnt fine the license key for mind manager.. Ive seen David's blog and have googled it.. but it didnt work..
could you tell me the key again please?

Mary said...

MP7M-885-CP41-3732-3255 - =)))

thanks to you, because you've helped me so much with business)

chris sivewright said...

This is good, Mary. How much money for the charity?

Also you should put your learning into practice - respond to this:


Please do a blog entry a) about the charity and b) saying how much has been raised

Becca. said...

It's ok =) haha we're helping each other to be honest =D

and..I've put the numbers in it but it doesnt work =( why's that.. it seems like it still needs more numbers or letters or sth..

chris sivewright said...


Mary said...

podcast is already in process, I think I will do it by 10 pm.

Charity money collected - 13 pounds for yesterday, 0 pounds for today.

Irina said...


Давненько Вас не слышно. Как продвигается работа? У Вас же сейчас каникулы, много свободного времени :)

Очень жду ответа