Economics half term revison course - 27/10/08

Today's topic: basics.

We are going to look through the following subtopics and questions:

  • What is Economics?
  • Scarcity and choice
  • Goods and services
  • Factors of production
  • Production possibility curve
  • Demand and supply curves. Price equillibrium.
  • Main economic targets
  • Monetary, fiscal and supply-side policies.

there also will be homework for some students.

I'll meet you at 12 am in the Cherwell building. :)


chris sivewright said...

how did it go? were you happy? did people learn? how about Rebeckham?

Mary said...

well, first of all, there were only three people in the beginning - Rebecca, Ethan and Sairan. We had passed PPC, when Bibi, Aidana and Elvi came. Actually I wish they hadn't come at all - for me it was hard to teach when they were laughing and not paying any attention.
In the third quater of the lesson Lotfi showed up and ignored me when I asked him to leave.
After him, when we were discussing policies, David, Lex and Long came by - and, surprisingly, helped me to finish the lesson, because I was too tired: every minute I had to ask for attention, but others seemed to ignore this.

I liked Rebecca's lesson - I have learned new stuff! She is a really good teacher.