A2 Sociology - Crime and Deviance intro

While the further maths group was away on a maths trip, the first A2 Sociology lesson had a place to be. I'm catching up with the class now, as I missed it.

Deviance is consideres as actions, which deviate from the norms and values of society. In other words, those actions of an individual which are considered as unaproppriate for the society, actions which are against dominant values an norms of the society.
Crime is a form of deviance, which is against the law in a given society. This form of deviance is not only unsupported by a society, but is also punished for.

A crime is determined by relativity - it varies from culture to culture and from time to time. For instance, killing was not always seen as a crime 500 years ago.

There are different types of deviance:
- secret and private ones. the examples could include being a homosexualist but not revealing this to the society.
- open and public ones, the ones that the society is awared of.
- situational deviance, when an action is a deviance only in a given case but not in another.
- societal deviance - behaviour which is seen as unaproppriate by the majority of people in a society.


chris sivewright said...

What type of deviance is homosexual activity in public?

What of formal, aberrant, informal deviance?

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do u want me to post a picture of homosexuals?

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I MEANT pictures in general to brighten up your blog.

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I told Mary (teacher) about your 'pictures of homosexuals' comment.

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I am glad Sociology is going well...

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