US unis admissions, SATs and Harvard

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how to apply to US unis:
1. intro from TSR Wiki
2. TSR tread (external links provided)

SATs info:
1. TSR's SATs short intro
2. College Admissions Requirements - SAT Subject Tests

NB: Yale does not require SAT II, they can be replaced by A-level results. => to do a research on Yale

1. TSR Harvard thread
+ Bonus, Factors influencing ur admission to Harvard:

Most important factors
- Strong SAT/ACT scores
- Rigorous transcript with good grades/results
- Strong dedication to a few extracurricular activities
- Excellent essays (read On Writing the College Application Essay by Harry Bauld)
- Excellent letters of recommendation from teachers who know you well
- Special talents/abilities, also known as a "hook" (e.g. gold medalist in IMO)

Important factors
- Employment/volunteer experience
- Interview
- Minority status
- First generation status
- Legacy status