yeah, I would like to motivate you guys a little bit

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I've been predicted 4A's for A2 Maths and all three sciences, having obtained 5A's for AS, applied for mech engineering to Imperial (AAA), KCL (AAB), UCL (ABB), Warwick (ABB) and Bath (AAA)..and ALL have rejected!! not even an interview

in brackets he wrote usual conditional offers from those unis. so, officially, only 3 A2s needed to get there. that guy is taking 4 A2s and still is rejected

GCSE's were all A* and A's. As for my personal statement, I did get it checked by my tutor as well as my study skills mentor who made us draft about 5 times over. EC's included things like being in the cricket team, playing for local tennis club and done some karting in my junior years.

some universities like to check GCSE's (they are years 10 and 11, i think, before A-levels, which are years 12 (AS) and 13 (A2)). I heard that LSE wants at least 7 A's at GSCE. no doubt oxbridge is taking them into account as well. you can enclose your equivalent grades into your UCAS applications if you want to, though it's not necessary; however, some unis can give you a rejection if you don't mention your GSCE's in some subjects.
Personal Statements are extremely important. I wonder when we are going to write ours, because some of us are applying to oxbridge, so we need those to be finished by 15th of October 2009. That guy is saying, that his PS was Ok and I believe him. Even if he failed to write something outstanding (i doubt that he did), he still has many other advantages and he mentioned sports interest, which is also a good thing in an application!

he could have got at least one offer, but I think his mistake was that he picked only top unis. well, maybe he thought that Kings College Uni and Warwick were good insurance.. that's the point - it's really dangerous to send off applications only to top unis, you need to have real insurance.

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only A's. rejection from Cambridge, Nottingham (!!) and Bristol (!!!).

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